On the Greenway, Terror Wears a Turban (Apparently)

Anyone can say whatever they want on the Internet, and maybe that’s a good thing. Freedom of expression, First Amendment, and all that. Right now, the Internet is blowing up over a new piece of public art along the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway here in Boston.

The 70 x 70 temporary mural was created by Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo (known collectively as “Os Gemeos”, or “the twins” in Portuguese), and it’s a very brightly colored piece depicting a fantastically large yellow character surrounded by buildings. So what’s the controversy that has the Internet all aflutter?

Well, a number of online nabobs have commented that it appears that this gentle yellow giant in Our Midst is wearing a turban. Let me repeat: A TURBAN. Let me spell it out for you: TURBAN=MUSLIM=TERRORIST. You understand where these people are coming from now, right? Good, as there can be no room for obfuscation, confusion, or misunderstanding on this point. (PS: It has to be a turban this giant is wearing. It couldn’t possible be anything else.)

Let us adopt this rusty, broken-down, ignorant logic as a way of thinking about another piece of our surroundings here in Boston. What do you see as you look around the Back Bay, Downtown Crossing, and the Financial District? Ah, you see skyscrapers. I disagree. Disrespectfully, of course.

Not me: I see a bunch of vertical structures that appear to be human penises. That’s right: human penises. I mean, let’s be honest, their phallic-ness is apparent to anyone who passes by. Isn’t it? It should be. Perhaps I haven’t used enough exclamation points or blathering profanity, but just believe me. OK?

I’m offended by the presence of these penises scattered all over Boston (spoiler alert: they are all over major central business districts IN ALL CORNERS OF THIS GREAT LAND OF OURS, in case you hadn’t noticed). Something must be done.

Here’s my modest proposition: Let’s work together to tear down all of these offensive penises and replace them with more works by these Brazilian brothers and other artists. That’ll show them.