This Guy is The Chuck Norris of Shark Bites

Chris Myers, whose leg was bitten by a great white shark last weekend at a Truro beach, is quite possibly the calmest shark bite victim ever. In fact, he may be the Chuck Norris of shark bite victims. In this video, created by Mass General Hospital, he’s almost nonchalant about the incident: “The first thing I felt was a huge bite on my left foot. It felt like I had my foot stuck in a refrigerator or a vise, and I knew instantly that it was a shark,” he says. (Quick question: How many of you have had your foot stuck in a fridge?) “And we started swimming as hard as we could toward shore.” If there is anyone who could make you feel like perhaps getting bitten by a great white isn’t that big of a deal, this guy is it. Glad he and his son made it back to shore safely, and that Mass General is helping him have a speedy recovery.