Jon Stewart Has Choice Words for Romney Campaign's Romneycare Defense

Jon Stewart Has Choice Words for Romney Campaign’s Romneycare Defense. Mostly: Stop your bullshit, and own it. Watch:

Yesterday’s Breakfast-Eating, Bus-Crashing MBTA Driver Identified. Lataria Milton, whose license is “in a non-renewable status due to unpaid parking tickets, unpaid excise tax and an unpaid toll violation,” according to her driving record released by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. She’s charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and operating to endanger and will be arraigned today in Roxbury District Court.  [WCVB]

Menino Will Not Tolerate Rat Infestation in the Fenway Area. Officials from the city’s Inspectional Services Department found some of the worst conditions they’ve seen in years: More than 100 rats scurrying among 50 ratholes in an alley between two properties on Hemenway and Haviland streets. “We don’t tolerate that in the city of Boston,” Menino said.  []

Boaters in Newton, Waltham, Weston Warned of Toxic Blue-Green Algae in Charles. Sorry for the pair of links that will make you want to take a nice, long shower (see above).  [WCVB]

In First Exhibition Game, Patriots Beat Saints, 7-6. Just throwing that out there in case anyone missed it.  [AP]