Somerville's Own Os Gemeos

All photos by Courtney Hollands

Driving through Union Square last night en route to a friend’s barbecue in Inman Square, we stumbled across this new mural on Washington Street, on the side of Mama Gina’s restaurant.

You probably know by now that work by street artists Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo (known collectively as Os Gêmeos, or “the twins” in Portuguese) is on display at the ICA, and that the brothers have literally painted our town, with murals on the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway and at the Revere Hotel.

The Union Square artwork, which is a collaboration between Os Gêmeos and local artists RIZE, Todd James, and Caleb Neelon (and which isn’t mentioned in the ICA’s press release), features a large slice of pizza in kicks and shades and a DJ spinning large pies. Though the Greenway mural — depicting a boy in patterned pajamas with a red shirt wrapped around his head — has stirred up controversy, I can’t imagine anyone will say boo to the “cheesy,” pepperoni-studded stylings in Somerville.