At Least Fenway Visitors Are Honest …

With rumors of team unhappiness swirling and 13.5 games separating the Sox and the Yankees, Boston fans haven’t had much to celebrate lately. But, thanks to an experiment conducted last week by beverage company Honest Tea, we can rest easy knowing that visitors to Fenway Park are some of the most honest people around the country.

Don’t look so surprised! Honest Tea placed 30 cities nationwide in a social experiment to find out who is most honest when no one’s looking. From August 8-19, they set up more than 50 unmanned stands across the country, stocked with Honest Tea drinks and a lone jar asking for $1, testing whether people will stay true to the honor system.

After undercover observers recorded the outcomes using a digital tracking application, they found that participants were 100 percent honest when paying at the Fenway stand. Boston as a whole tied at No. 6 overall, with 96 percent of Bostonians dropping a dollar into the jars at the Prudential Center and Fenway. Observers calculated percentages for everything from gender to baldness, which were averaged together to find the total score.

Other fun results? Boston men were 93 percent honest, with women at 96 percent. And when it comes to hair color, blondes may have more fun, but they’re also less trustworthy. They ranked 91 percent honest at the stands, while brunettes came in at 93 and redheads at 100.

Furthering Boston’s bragging rights: People outside of New York’s Yankee stadium were only 83 percent honest. Shame, shame. Looks like we’re ahead in something this season.