Frozen Assets: Where to Find Popsicles on Wheels

Ocean ave pops

Photo By Ken Richardson

Culinary Cruisers’ aluminum freezer bikes aren’t exactly easy to maneuver, laden, as they are, with a clutch of popsicles and a few chunks of dry ice. But almost every day, three pedal-powered delivery vehicles—like the one Josh Danoff is pictured with above, special-ordered from a manufacturer in Portland, Oregon—depart the company’s Somerville headquarters and make for the Greenway, Dewey Square, and other area farmers’ markets to sell $3 ice pops.

Culinary Cruisers was founded by Danoff, his sister Leah, and their friend Jennifer Johnsrud to vend local products like Charlestown-based Spindrift Soda. When Josh discovered that no one was making frozen treats around here, he created Ocean Ave Pops, whipping up flavors like banana-chocolate, ginger-grapefruit with mint, watermelon-blueberry-basil, and strawberry. “It is really impossible to not be in a good mood and eat a pop at the same time,” he says. “It just can’t happen.”