How Officials Are Planning for When Boston Is Under Water

How Officials Are Planning for When Boston Is Under Water. The city’s chief of environmental and energy services says that 50 percent of downtown is made of filled tidelands, and researchers and experts project that those areas—and likely others—will be impacted by rising tides by 2050. Developers along the waterfront are building new construction with those risks in mind, which is great, but many long-standing residents and tenants are wondering what to do now. [WBUR]

Photos: This Is What It Looks Like When Charlie (as in CharlieCard) Rides the Swan Boat. Earlier today, a real life Charlie walked around town, posed for photos, and handed out free CharlieCards to kids, who didn’t really know what to do with them. Not even creepy at all. [Universal Hub]

Menino Opposes Phased-In Casino at Suffolk Downs. “I will not support a phased-in casino. The product that is right for us in Boston is a full ­resort destination that provides complete economic development for the area,” he told the Globe, objecting to the two-phase plan to bring in slots and table games then the resort, restaurants, and spa later. Menino sees it as “a renovation” of Suffolk Downs. “… I want something there that will draw customers to the resort casino, not just have slot ­machines. We can have slot ­machines anyplace. . . . It has to support economic development that is right for our city.” [Globe]

Suffolk Downs Fined $1.25 Million for Illegal Dumping. The feds fined the race track for illegally dumping manure, urine, and other stable nastiness into a Revere creek that flows into the Habor and, ultimately, the Atlantic Ocean. [Herald]

We Are So Over ‘Call Me Maybe’ Videos. But the folks at the beaches in Falmouth are not. [YouTube]