Boston Ranks No. 2 for Tech Startup Dollars

Boston Ranks No. 2 for Tech Startup Dollars. USA Today asked the National Venture Capital Association to rank the top 10 tech startup-up cities, based on dollars invested in 2011. Unsurprisingly, the San Fransisco area ranked No. 1 at $11.8 billion, followed by No. 2 “brainiac-rich” Boston at $2.8 billion, and No. 3 New York at $2.7 billion. [USA Today]

On Safety and Death for New England’s Commercial Fisherman. Commercial fishing is the deadliest job in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And despite what you see on TV, the deadliest waters aren’t in Alaska but our own backyard—mostly because of improvements to safety and procedures embraced by Alaska’s fishermen that have yet to catch on in New England. [WBUR]

Aly Raisman Dropped, Dented Some of Her Olympic Bling. Raisman also says all that gold is bigger and heavier than she expected, and even when she breathes, the medals clink together and make a lot of noise. #GoldMedalProblems [CBS]

Here’s Reason No. 5,000,000 To Take The Stairs. If ever there were hell on Earth contest, this would make it to the final round: Being one of eight adults stuck inside a broken elevator at South Station with 16 “horrified” children, ages 7 months to 4- or 5-years-old. In the dark. For 45 minutes while the fire department tried to get the elevator to go up or down. Take the day off, adults. You’ve earned it. [WHDH]

Microsoft Store Opens in the Prudential Center. Now, everyone can visit the genius bar when their PC blue-screens. Wait … []