Another Glimpse of Whether the Kennedy Legacy Will Live On

Another Glimpse of Whether JKIII Will Continue the Family Business. This time, from David Weigel at Slate: “Kennedy talks quietly, as if he’s constantly sharing secrets. The secrets sound a whole lot like well-rehearsed answers. ‘It’s something I’m very proud of. My family’s record of public service, the impact they’ve had on Massachusetts. With that comes the recognition that I am on the ballot. It’s me. I’m running this race. It’s me, not my grandfather, my grandfather’s brothers and sisters.'” [Slate]

Mitt Romney on Massachusetts: ‘My State.’ Perhaps more interesting than Romney’s tout of his health care plan is that he’s gone from all-but avoiding Massachusetts to suddenly owning it. “My health care plan I put in place in my state has everyone insured, but we didn’t go out and raise taxes on people and have a unelected board tell people what kind of health care they can have,” Romney told KCNC in Denver. [AP]

Nothing (and We Mean Nothing!) Will Keep Howie Carr from the RNC. Like a kid making a beeline to the tree on Christmas morning, there is absolutely no way that anything is getting in Howie Carr’s way of the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Not even tropical storm slash potential hurricane Issac! We know this is serious or else it wouldn’t be front page news. Just don’t forget to pack your Wellies, HC. [Herald]

Video: Woman Thinks She Sees a Red Line Train, Falls Onto Tracks. The oddest thing about Meera Thakrar’s tumble onto the tracks at the MIT/Kendall Square station was that she didn’t even look for a door. Luckily, Thakrar, who was holding her 4-year-old son at the time, was assisted by quick-thinking passengers who helped to pull her (and her son) back to safety. [NECN]

Watch: Great White Shark Eats a Seal Near Chatham. It’s not exactly the Shark Week Air Jaws shot, but still. [WHDH]