Some People on the Cape Would Probably Shoot Seals If They Still Could

Some People on the Cape Would Probably Shoot Seals If They Still Could. … like fishermen, who say the seals have wisened up and chew through their nets full of fish, or beach-front property owners, who have to deal with seals sunbathing near their houses. “You know, if you own a ranch in Montana, and you’ve got a coyote problem, you’re allowed to protect your livestock,” fisherman Sam Eppler says. “But these guys aren’t allowed to get near them because they’re cute.” Luckily for the seals, they’re protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972. [WBUR]

Doug Flutie, John Elway Are Now Repping Dove for Men. In a 180 from Dove’s ad campaigns that made a splash in the advertising (and the real) world for featuring women-next-door instead of skinny, Photoshopped models, Unilever picked football greats Doug Flutie and John Elway for a campaign targeting the male crowd that’s kicking off this weekend. Why not “real” men, Dove? Because men don’t feel the same pressure/anxiety as women to be beautiful, according to Rob Candelino, Unilever’s vice president of marketing. “Our campaign sets out to show men as they are, as fathers who are as comfortable having a tea party with their daughters as they are having a beer with the guys,” Candelino told the Herald, adding that men are generally depicted in ads as buff, rich, studly, or buffoonish. So it makes sense that Dove presents Flutie and Elway as real men, men who just so happen to have a decent-to-stellar football career under their belt and, not presumably, all the other things that came with it. [Herald]

Gronk Is On the Cover of SI‘s NFL Preview (With Clothes, Without Hulk Hands). But he’s pretty sweaty and intense about something. [NESN]

NYC Has an Island Filled With 850,000 Unidentified Dead People. Suddenly, standing atop the trash-heap-turned Spectacle Island seems even more … comforting? [AP]

PSA: Blocking Intersections About to Get Pricier. A friendly reminder that Boston Police will begin issuing citations in their “Don’t Block the Box” campaign to fine drivers who obstruct intersections by entering them when there’s no room to exit before a red light. Watch yourselves. [CBS Boston] —Eric Randall