Washington D.C. Has The Worst Drivers, But Boston Isn't Even Included in the Tally

How is it possible to have a worst driver line-up and not include Boston, practically the no good, very bad driver capital of the world? Allstate’s eighth annual Best Drivers Report, which rates the country’s most-populous 200 cities based on collision claims from January 2009 to December 2010, came out yesterday. The report is intended as a way to point out America’s safest cities for drivers and passengers—congrats for the fifth time, Sioux Falls, South Dakota—but the Internet quickly did what the Internet tends to do: Flip the results and charge that Washington D.C. has the worst drivers in the country, followed by Baltimore, Glendale CA, Newark, Providence, and Philly.

We’d like to add a big, fat asterisk to all of those worst driver call-outs because Boston (and the entire state of Massachusetts, for that matter) isn’t even included in the findings. “The Allstate data excludes cities from the state of Massachusetts, as Allstate did not provide insurance in Massachusetts for the entire two-year time period reflected in this year’s report,” Kate Hollcraft, an Allstate spokesperson, said via email. But next year’s report will include Boston and other Massachusetts cities for the first time if they’re in the top 200, Hollcraft added. Something tells me we’re not going to have to wait until next year to know where Boston will land on that one. [Allstate]