Mini Controversy Brews Over Anti-Obama Signs in Hanson

Mini Controversy Brews Over Anti-Obama Signs in Hanson. Robert Sullivan is the man behind the signs—which include a young girl giving Obama the middle finger and another that very well could be the flag of the entire birther movement—but it’s not clear whether the signs will stay up or get caught in a bureaucratic paper battle, or both. [Enterprise News | HuffPo]

Former Rhode Island Governor Is Almost Ready to Talk About 38 Studios Loan. Don Carcier says he wants to wait until after he returns from the GOP Convention to finally break his silence on the state’s failed deal with Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios, which has left Rhode Island taxpayers with bill of more than $100 million. “I just don’t want to bring it out in piece meal. I think there is a conversation that I would like to have about why we did it, the reasoning behind it and etcetera and it takes more time, rather than doing it in piece meal,” he said on WPRO Morning News. [WPRO]

Chatham FINALLY Closes Beaches After Shark Sightings. All eastern, open ocean-facing beaches are closed because fishermen are seeing more sharks. [CBS]

Chad Johnson Couldn’t Find Himself on Pats Roster, Now He Can’t Find Himself on Madden, Either. It’s been a rough few weeks for the wide receiver formerly known as Ochocinco. [HuffPo]

Lawrence Teacher Finds .45 Caliber Bullet in Peanut Butter. The bullet may have been planted in order to set up a claim against the Everett-based peanut butter company, according to the police report. [Boston Business Journal]