Dem Chairman Apologizes for Calling Scott Brown a Girl

John Walsh Apologizes for Calling Scott Brown a Girl. An “honorary girl,” to be exact. “We’ve also experienced Scott Brown,” Walsh, the Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman, said on Monday to the Massachusetts delegation to the DNC. “We’ve got to say a few good things about him: He handsome, right? He’s still got the coat. He’s still got the truck. He’s a regular guy. I mean, he spent a couple million dollars folding towels on TV to prove he’s an honorary girl. We appreciate that.” Walsh’s apology came about six hours later. [WCVB]

Another Football Season, Another Ad Campaign Featuring Tom Brady Wearing UGGs. The new UGG for Men TV/print/digital ad campaign kicks off today, and in addition to his affinity for UGGs, Tom Brady also displays an affinity for playing invisible football in airports. [Globe | UGG Australia]

College Students Are Back, and the Police Blotter Is Much More Colorful. Take this weekend’s case of Chris Trenti, 21, who was charged on Sunday morning with indecent exposure and resisting arrest after officers saw him peeing (!) on the front stairs of a building on Tremont Street. Trenti saw the officers approaching him, and so he took off running and tripping over his shorts until he probably decided that it would be easier to leave the shorts behind. The officers lost Trenti but found his shorts, and modus ponens, eventually located Trenti because he left his wallet in his pocket. [BPD]

The ‘What is Wrong With People?’ Scamming the Elderly Edition. Grandparents, listen up: If you receive a vague telephone call from a grandkid or a relative or anyone asking you to transfer funds overseas, make sure you ask questions, refuse, and/or hang up. Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley is warning elderly residents of scammers who are swindling the elderly out of their cash, which, to say the least, is really, really awful and sad. [AP]

First Manned U.S. Spacecraft On Display at JFK Library. Freedom 7, which launched in May 1961 with Alan Shepard on board, is on loan from the Smithsonian through December 2015. []