Cars Wouldn't Block Crosswalks If We Picked Them Up and Moved Them

Boston Police’s “Don’t Block the Box” campaign is aimed at drivers who enter intersections when there’s no room to exit them, a noble effort, but one that’s in no way executed as awesomely as this Brazilian jiu jitsu team’s campaign to solve a similar problem in the city of Florianópolis: cars that block pedestrian crosswalks. In order to raise awareness and embarrass drivers who block crosswalks, the Gracie Floripa Jiu Jitsu team is flash-mobbing to forcibly lift and remove cars they find doing so. We’re not sure it’d be legal for a dozen BPD officers to film themselves lifting up an intersection-blocking car and forcibly removing it, but we are sure that it’d be some seriously viral advertising for their cause. [The Atlantic Cities]