John Kerry Wants Elizabeth Warren to Help Him Keep His Job

Jon Stewart, who has done hilarious work this campaign season pointing out the rather lukewarm way in which a lot of Republicans have endorsed Mitt Romney, could probably have some fun with John Kerry’s statement in favor of Elizabeth Warren. “I want to stay as chairman of the [Senate Foreign Relations] committee, not back to ranking member. I want Harry Reid there, ready to fight as majority leader. We need Elizabeth Warren,” he said during remarks to the Massachusetts delegation at the DNC a night after cameras caught him yawning during her speech. (He says it’s because he took four Advil.) Wanting to keep your own job isn’t the most Warren-centric reason to vote for Warren. (He’s referring to the chance that Republicans might win the majority in the Senate and gain control of committee leadership.) That said, Kerry hinted he’ll be making a more high-profile endorsement as soon as next week and campaigning for her, at which point we imagine he’ll expand on his support. And “Scott Brown might be moderate, but Republicans aren’t so we need a Democratic majority,” is an argument that Warren’s team often makes itself. But most importantly, if Kerry’s terribly masked ambition to be Obama’s secretary of state bears out, he won’t have to worry about committee assignments at all. []