Warren Won't Be Contesting Brown on the Sex Change Ruling

In the days since Judge Mark Wolf ordered the Massachusetts Department of Corrections to provide prisoner Michelle Kosilek with a sex change operation deemed medically necessary, both Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren have taken some issue with the decision. Brown got there first, releasing a statement when the ruling came down Wednesday condemning the “outrageous abuse of taxpayer dollars.” And now Warren is following up to agree with her opponent. “I have to say, I don’t think it’s a good use of taxpayer dollars,” she said in a radio interview Friday. The timing and method of their statements – he volunteered one immediately and she offered one days later when asked – indicates that this is more of an issue for the Republican than the Democrat. Nevertheless, Warren isn’t picking a fight, so we guess sex change operations for prisoners won’t be an election issue. Of course Judge Wolf seemed quite aware that an elected politician might be more constrained in her opinions here than a tenured judge. Wolf wrote in the decision that prison officials can’t deny the surgery “just because the fact that a gender identity disorder is a major mental illness is not understood by much of the public and the required treatment for it is unpopular.” So we bet he’s not surprised that elected officials aren’t coming down on his side now.