Boston University Mourns Students Killed in New Zealand Crash

The beginning of the academic school year is a time of celebration and, unfortunately, a time of grieving for Boston University. While 3,900 new students arrived at  BU for the first time this September, many returning students gathered to remember the lives of three classmates who died in a car accident while studying abroad in New Zealand back in May.

On Monday, the university hosted a memorial honoring the lives of Roch Jauberty, Daniela Lekhno, and Austin Brashears. Marsh Chapel Dean Robert Hill reminded approximately 200 friends, classmates, family, and faculty that “grieving continues in this hour” as they gathered at the Metcalf Ballroom on campus.

While the school held a student vigil and candlelight ceremony immediately following the death of the three students back in May, many students had already left campus for summer break, and others were studying abroad at the time of the accident. The ceremony served as a chance for those who had spent months away from the BU community to mourn their loss—but also as an opportunity to appreciate life.

“We pause to remind each other to cherish our days and to live joyfully and fully,” BU President Robert A. Brown said during his remarks.

The lives of Jauberty, Lekhno, and Brashears were remembered through recollections from friends and family. “These people were cherished by Boston University,” Brown said. “We share a portion of the grief the families feel so acutely and our community is diminished by this great loss.”