The New York Times on Joe Kennedy III: 'A Mash-up of Prince Harry and a Bird'

The New York Times Magazine has a profile of Joseph Kennedy III by Edith Zimmerman, editor at The Hairpin, and while it contains no bombshells as far as news, there are some entertaining moments, among them Zimmerman’s description of Kennedy as “a mash-up of Prince Harry, the ‘Hunger Games’ actor Josh Hutcherson and a bird.” The scene she sets on the trail featuring a bunch of Kennedys acting like, well, Kennedys feels like an Arrested Development-esque TV sitcom:

“Vote for Joe!” his stepmother, Beth Kelly, yelled from the sidewalk, jumping up and down and waving her hands in the air at passing cars. She wore a periwinkle cardigan and gold conch-shaped earrings. “We came up from the Cape this morning,” she told me. Kennedy’s father stood next to her, in khaki trousers and a navy polo. “Joe! Come on! Joe!” he said in a booming voice, distinctly more confident than his son’s. Ethel Kennedy, Robert Kennedy’s 84-year-old widow and the family’s matriarch, was also there, looking radiant and proud, in freshwater-pearl earrings and a white anorak.

If you’re a fan of Zimmerman’s breezy style (as we are) we recommend the diversion. [New York Times Magazine]