Millennium Tower in Downtown Crossing Likely to Be OK'd Today

Millennium Tower in Downtown Crossing Likely to Be OK’d Today. This evening’s BRA board vote will likely mark the official beginning of a new life for the massive crater in Downtown Crossing, with the site zoned for the planned $620 million mixed-use tower that could reach 625 feet in height.  [Herald]

Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua Refuses to Step Down. After two of his cronies were indicted on corruption charges, the controversial mayor released a statement saying that he’s staying put. “I will continue serving the residents and perform my duties as mayor of the great city of Lawrence,” Lantigua said in the statement. “I trust the justice system will now take its rightful course, as indicated by authorities indictments are allegations only, and Melix and Lenny are presumed innocent until proven guilty.”  [Herald]

Maybe It’s a Tiny Bit Early To Predict a Perfect Season for the Patriots. As much as Pats fans would love to see that happen, we’re only 3 1/2 days from their first regular season win. Just sayin’.  []

Thomas Glynn May Be the Candidate to End the World’s Longest Job Search. While it’s not a done deal that Glynn, a former MBTA chief and health care executive, will be MassPort’s new chief executive, sources say it’s pretty close to the end of the search—which has lasted since June 2011. As Steve Poftak pointed out a few weeks ago, it’s about time.  [WBUR]

Federal Flavored Milk Ban Creates New Black Market in Schools. As some continue to foam at the mouth over whether medical marijuana has a place in Massachusetts, consider this: where there’s a ban, the willing will find a way. Natalie Sherman reports:

A new product has popped up on the city’s black market and it’s selling in an unexpected place: Greater New Bedford Vocational-Technical High School, which has become ground zero for a new underground economy based on trade in chocolate syrup.

Students said some of their peers are buying the contraband liquid for 50 cents and squeezing it into cartons of white milk to give it flavor.

The changes are part of the federal Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.  [New Bedford Standard-Times]