Tom Brady Is Two Degrees Removed from Kevin Bacon

Google has a new search tool out today that calculates a “Bacon Number,” or the degrees of separation between celebrities and actor Kevin Bacon (based on a popular suggestion that one can never be more than six degrees removed from him.) To use it, just google the words “Bacon number” followed by a celebrity’s name. Our interests being what they are, we immediately got to Googling popular Boston personalities. So now you know: Tom Brady appeared in “Stuck on You” with Rhona Mitra, who appeared in “Hollow Man” with Kevin Bacon. Two degrees. John Kerry, meanwhile, appeared in “Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search for America’s POWs” with Ed Asner, who appeared in “JFK” with, yep, Kevin Bacon. Two degrees. Man, Kevin Bacon sure does get around. [The Next Web]