The Globe Editor Says There's No Silver Bullet for Saving Journalism

In a keynote address to the New England Associated Press News Executives Association last week, Globe editor Martin Baron was asked to cheer up the group lest they be “be drowning in [their] sorrows when the alcohol begins to flow this evening.” Jim Romenesko has posted the full text of his optimistic call to arms. Here’s the real crux of Baron’s argument:

The truth is there are no guarantees in our business, and we should stop looking for them — just as we should stop looking for silver bullets that will quote, unquote “save journalism.”

There will be no one thing. If there are answers, and I believe there are, they will be found in our doing many things.

We are in a period of ferocious experimentation and exploration in media — by consumers, by advertisers, and necessarily by news organizations like ours.

The worst thing we can do is do nothing at all. We know for sure where that will lead us. And it is nowhere good.

Baron says The Globe‘s split into and is just one of many things newspapers will try as they stumble toward a functioning, stable business model. Anyone interested in how the head of the town’s biggest paper feels about journalism’s future (or any journalist in need of a pep talk) should give his whole speech a read. []