Occupying Boston One Year Later

Occupy Wall Street hits its one year anniversary: Even with the NYPD rounding up protesters in New York at the one year anniversary mark of Occupy Wall Street, the quieter Boston Occupiers say it’s more difficult to keep the movement going without a dedicated camp at Dewey Square. “The thing I miss is that we don’t have that space, and without that space, there’s no movement,” Cherie King tells Globe reporter Martine Powers. “There’s nothing to remind people that there is injustice.” [The Globe]

Meanwhile, The Phoenix catches up with various Occupiers a year later to find out what they’re up to now. (Not all of them are Occupying.) [The Phoenix]

The fall foliage is making a comeback: Breathe easy, leaf peepers. The dry summer might actually enhance the color of this year’s foliage, a welcome development in Vermont where Hurricane Irene cut into the tourism industry’s profits last year. [WBUR]

The state must repay a transsexual prisoner’s legal fees: The judge who ordered the state to pay for prisoner Michelle Kosilek’s sex change operation, deeming it medically necessary, is also ordering the state to recoup Kosilek’s legal fees. That seems logical: if you grant that Kosilek had the right all along to the sex change she went to court to demand, then you’d also think she shouldn’t be responsible for the money she spent getting the state to agree to follow the law. Of course, hat is, as the Herald’s enraged comment boards suggest, a big “if.” [Herald]

Boston looks cool when things are sped up: Take five minutes to watch Vimeo user YaoLi’s beautiful time lapse video of various scenes around Boston. It’ll remind you why you like living here in these precious few months before drudging through snow banks makes you forget. [Vimeo]