Apple Store on Boylston for Sale for $30 Million

Apple Store on Boylston for Sale for $30 Million. Apple has 15 years left on its lease at 815 Boylston Street, and the anonymous family who owns the store is putting the building on the market—at $1,150 per square foot, according to Real Estate Alert.  [Boston Business Journal]

Jon Keller: Drunk Drivers Are Terrorists. “What do you call a repeat drunken driver, any drunken driver at all, or even someone below the limit who drives 100 on Route 24? I see no reason not to call them a terrorist, every bit as sick and dangerous and a lot more common.”  [CBS]

NStar Could Bring on Lowest Heat Prices in 10 Years. The rate still requires regulatory approval, but NStar officials say they hope it can go into effect on November 1.  []

Generation Stuck: Inside the Lives of Underemployed and Unemployed 20-Somethings. In July, Nate Goldman and Lisa Tobin put out a call for stories from 20-somethings who feel like they’re stuck in their careers, their lives. They were “inundated” by responses. In the introductory post of a new series, 12 stuck 20-somethings will share their stories via blog and on-air between now and November, and, so far, they all echo similar sentiments: little to no salary, buried under student loans, and, in some cases, living with their parents.

Taken separately, the stories offer some pretty intimate details on the struggles and let-downs that once-enthusiastic graduates face. “There is no American Dream anymore, at least for me — my biggest fears right now are having nothing to retire with and dying in abject poverty,” writes Sam Mackin, 27, of Lunenberg. Sophy Tuttle, 26, of Jamaica Plain writes: “I think the psychological toll of this downturn is going to be huge on my generation. It’s going to shape everything …” Taken together, it’s a pretty grim picture.  [WBUR]

How Poor College Students Make Money in Unconventional Ways. Fertility clinics, becoming lab rats, and oh yeah, finding a sugar daddy. For an unfortunate example of contrast, see above.  [WCVB]