Let the Rush of Gangnam Style Parodies Begin

As we probably should have expected during The Great ‘Call Me Maybe’ Parody Video Onslaught of 2012 lo these two months ago, people have moved from passing around the latest viral hit of the year, Korean artist Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” (known to most of us as “that video with the guy doing the horsey dance”) and moved into phase 2: Imitation. Thus do we have online marketing firm Hubspot recreating the video in scenes at their offices and around the city with “Inbound Style.” (They do inbound marketing.) Gangnam Style didn’t exactly need a Boston tie-in. We’ve already got one: the artist Psy is a Boston University and Berklee alum, but, well, here we are.

We’re sort of impressed with the candidness in which Hubspot’s blog post admits that they didn’t have an explicit purpose when they spent two days making the video. “Watch the video below, but don’t struggle to find an obvious inbound marketing tie-in. Although, perhaps there’s a lesson in viral marketing somewhere,” they write. Hey, while the dance moves aren’t nearly as sharp as Psy’s, it does look like a pretty fun couple of days for the staff. And in the mad dash for talent that is the Boston startup scene, maybe that counts. Anyway, give it a watch if you need a break.