John Connolly: Boston Public Schools Teacher Contract a Missed Opportunity

John Connolly: Teacher Contract a Missed Opportunity. In a guest post for the Dorchester Reporter, Connolly, a City Councilor At-Large and Chairman of the Council’s Committee on Education, writes that the new teacher’s contract fails to solve two issues plaguing the Boston Public Schools: the need for longer school days, and a system for ensuring that quality teachers aren’t bumped due to a lack of seniority. Connolly highlights a second opportunity for change in the coming weeks, urging parents to get involved. “Boston parents must step into the debate and demand a plan focused on upgrading the quality of every school while giving children and families the option to go to school close to home,” he writes.  [Dorchester Reporter]

Liberty Hotel Busted for Giving Champagne at Check In. Hotel officials had to appear before the Boston Licensing Board yesterday because no one can agree on whether paying hundreds of dollars a night for a room constitutes enough of a monetary transaction for a flute of “free” bubbly.  [BostInno]

Wannabe Cannoli Thief from Ireland Avoids Jail Time. You’ll probably recall the curious case of Robert McTernan, 25, who was in Boston for just a couple of hours before pulling a knife inside Boca’s Bakery in the North End and demanding a cannoli. The Herald reports McTernan avoided one year in jail, but instead has to do 50 hours of community service in Ireland, undergo substance abuse treatment, and never again step foot in Boca’s.  [Herald]

We’re One Step Closer to Getting Over the Chick-fil-A Drama. But we still have a special place in our hearts for Menino’s sound bites on how there will be no fried chicken on our Freedom Trail — or whatever? Chick-fil-A is reportedly working with Illinois-based advocates The Civil Rights Agenda to stop making donations to anti-gay organizations. The company also circulated a memo “emphasizing its commitment to fair and equal treatment of all people.” Still, as of now, the company hasn’t moved to put such language into their employee handbook, and as for Dan Cathy, well, that doesn’t seem like it will change, either.  [Slate]

The Phoenix Has a Twitter Imposter. Someone registered the handle @BostonAtNite, the name of the Phoenix’s new adult publication, and has been tweeting at public officials, advertisers, and Phoenix staff members.  [Herald]