Mayor Menino To Endorse Elizabeth Warren on Friday

Sources: Mayor Menino To Endorse Elizabeth Warren on Friday. The announcement will end months (and months) of speculation on whether Menino, who has remained uncharacteristically tight-lipped on the Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren race, would endorse within his party—or whether his silence was a way of passively supporting Brown.  [Dorchester Reporter]

Warren, Brown Meet Thursday Night for First Debate. And Bloomberg of all places is calling Warren a “debate champ” before it even starts.  [Bloomberg]

Mitt Romney et al. Reminded of What Everyone Else Already Knows. The power of the viral video! The internet is the great equalizer! YouTube is free and accessible! “It’s the democratization of information. One video can offset millions of dollars in campaign ads,’’ one expert said, not exclaimed.  [AP]

Amanda Palmer Decides to Also Pay Her Crowd-Sourced Musicians. Even though the musicians “… volunteered their time for beer, hugs, merch, free tickets, and love: we’ll now also hand them cash,” Palmer announced yesterday on her blog, after about a week of controversy for not paying people for making her famous.  [WBUR]

Bikes Run People Over, Too. But the results aren’t nearly as deadly as they have been for cyclists recently.  [Reddit]