XKCD's 'Click and Drag' Comic is Amazing

Fans of the comic xkcd, drawn by Massachusetts-based illustrator Randall Munroe, found a treat when they arrived on the site yesterday: A huge, interactive comic titled “Click and Drag” that allowed users to explore an entire world of Munroe’s creation. It was quickly dubbed “endlessly awesome” and “his coolest webcomic ever” on Twitter, it’s already got its own Tumbleblog, and I lost a good 15 minutes exploring the world (before finding a blown up version of the illustration online). And, after scrolling around for quite some time, I came across a tiny, bespectacled stick-figure of Elizabeth Warren, hanging from the rigging of a ship’s mast.

Looking at the whole canvas, zoom in here:

And you’ll find a ship:

xkcd comic 1

Look closer:

XKCD comic


Girl at the top of the left mast: Elizabeth, why are you climbing the rigging?
Warren: Forget this rigging. The whole system is rigged against the middle class and families trying to climb out of poverty!
Girl: …Ok, but for real, what are you doing on this boat?


It’s a play on her oft-used line that “people feel like the system is rigged against them,” one that we’ll likely hear in tonight’s debate. One wonders whether being immortalized in a webcomic will translate to votes.

For more Click and Drag, check out its Wiki page. Apologies for the timesuck.