Menino Explains His Warren Endorsement

Mayor Tom Menino finally endorsed Elizabeth Warren Friday, and her campaign sent out a press release that quotes the Mayor explaining his decision:

“Like many voters, I wanted to get to know Elizabeth Warren. You know how I made up my mind about this election? I thought to myself.  What if I wasn’t the Mayor. What if I was just a guy from Hyde Park who had a job with the city. Whose wife was an accountant and worried about their retirement savings. What if I was any guy who wondered how his two kids would send his six grandkids to college.  And whether they would have good jobs on the other end.  If I wasn’t the Mayor, who would speak up in Washington on my behalf? I thought to myself, if I was any guy from Hyde Park, Elizabeth would have my back, and so I have hers.”

Sounds pretty heartfelt, though of course, it remains to be seen just how strongly Menino commits to his choice.