New Elizabeth Warren Ad Takes on Native American Heritage

It’s the issue that won’t go away. In last week’s debate, Scott Brown took all of five seconds before raising questions about Elizabeth Warren’s heritage, and his first attack ad, released yesterday, doubled down on the fact that he’s set on making this a wedge issue in the campaign.

Warren responded to Brown’s ad yesterday by releasing one of her own, and the new spot addresses questions about her Native American heritage head on. In the ad, which is simple, direct, and lacking in any flashy photo montages or music, she looks directly at the camera and says: “Let me be clear, I never asked for or got an advantage because of my heritage. The people who hired me have all said that they didn’t even know about it.” It’s not going to assuage those in the Native American community who see her lack of documentation as a major issue, but it’s the type of thing that you wish she would have put out earlier this summer, when she was caught in an endless news cycle on the topic. But whether either ad will sway voters remains to be seen.