Photo Essay

Photos Extras from “All the Pretty Horses” Shoot

See outtakes from the photo shoot for All the Pretty Horses, our October feature story on Massachusetts' equestrian culture.

All photos by Mark Hartman

all the pretty horses photo

Dr. Jay Merriam spends his days making housecalls—checking hooves, administering vaccinations, and occasionally doing an ultrasound using equipment from his mobile hospital, a custom-rigged Subaru.

all the pretty horses photo

The back of Dr. Jay Merriam’s car.

all the pretty horses photo

The farrier also spends his days moving from stable to stable, shaping shoes and filing hooves.

all the pretty horses photo

Donna Cameron, owner of Cutler Farm, stands by her man, German-educated dressage trainer Dave Thind.

all the pretty horses photo

Inside the brand new Cutler Farm stables, every horse gets a fan in the summer and heat in the winter.

all the pretty horses photo

A stall with a view is a welcome perk.

During dressage events, the judge (assisted by a “scribe”) may view the competition from a makeshift booth—in this case, the back of a trailer.

Though horses are big and strong, they can easily become unhinged by flying insects, so this horse wears a fly mask while out to pasture.

With his mane all braided up, this steed is ready to rumble.

Huntsman Brian Kiely gathers the hounds for a Saturday morning hunt.

The hounds track the scent as the huntsman, whipper-in, and joint master of the foxhounds follow close behind.

The Myopia foxhound pack includes English, Crossbred, and Penn-Marydel breeds. The first pack was imported from an English nobleman in 1882.

Polo is an extremely fast-moving game that challenges the rider’s horsemanship and hockey skills.

On the sidelines, some polo-goers enjoy dressing up for the occasion.

Of course, if you do decide to watch a match, be sure to bring a nice spread for your tailgating party.

Competitors line up after the match to receive their cups and medals.

At the end of the day, a string of ponies cools off while waiting to be loaded back into the enormous trailer.

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