The Globe's In a Tax Spat with Rep. John Tierney

Representative John F. Tierney will face Richard Tisei in a debate Thursday and The Globe’s Michael Rezendes is out with a great, long piece detailing the paper’s battles with Tierney over the release of his tax returns, and in particular his refusal to release them and The Globe’s interest in whether he misreported money from his brother-in-law as a gift rather than income. A sampling of their spat:

Meanwhile, [Tierney] has enlisted well-known libel attorney Howard M. Cooper in an effort to dissuade the Globe from publishing a story exploring whether 2011 court testimony by Tierney’s wife, Patrice, indicates the money was taxable income, not a gift. Four independent tax experts, including two willing to be quoted by name, told the Globe that the money from her brother seemed more like income because she said she performed services in exchange for the funds. As income, it would be subject to taxes.

Tierney’s congressional and campaign staffs refused to discuss issues related to Tierney’s taxes for almost three weeks and initially declined to release his returns, saying the Globe had not shown “good faith,” in the words of Tierney’s campaign manager.

Obviously the Globe’s goal here in airing out the back and forth of their disagreement is to get a look at his tax returns, but to a reader, sometimes a story about the hunt for the returns can be even more  fun than a story about the contents within them. Have a read. [The Globe]