Unpaid Parking Tickets Could Haunt Massachusetts Drivers

Unpaid Parking Tickets Haunt Massachusetts Drivers. Warning: No matter how long ago the ticket was issued, no matter how old you are now, and no matter how ridiculous it was that you got a ticket while driving through a parking lot, if the ticket’s unpaid, the RMV will find you.  [CBS]

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie Predicts a Comeback for Mitt Romney. “He’ll be for the first time on the same stage as the president of the United States. I think when people make that comparison, momentum’s going to head in his direction,” Christie told the Herald while stumping for Romney in New Hampshire, aka, Romney’s safe alternative to Massachusetts.  [Herald]

First Casino License Expected by February 2014. The Massachusetts Gambling Commission hopes it can move that date up a bit, and industry experts say it can take three or so years to build a resort casino, which all means that it will be a pretty long time until anyone is hitting the slots within state lines.  [Boston.com]

Homes Under $400,000 Are Hottest Part of the Market. So says the latest Case-Shiller report, which finds that prices on homes listed under $401k are rising at a faster rate than homes listed at $402k and up.  [Boston.com]

Somerville High Grads Profiled in U.S. News College Report. Members of the class of 2012 share their stories on applying and entering college as part of the publication’s annual look at colleges.  [U.S. News]