Pundits: Go Back to Being a Good Guy, Scott Brown

Pundits: Get Back to Being a Good Guy, Scott Brown. If Brown wants to avoid a similar fate as Rick Lazio, who lost to Hillary Clinton for Senate back in 2000, then he should start using a little bit more honey and a lot less vinegar. “Truly one of the worst moments I’ve ever seen from a politician in my life. He just was lambasted for being too aggressive with a female, and tried to intimidate (Clinton),” Jeff Stonecash, of Syracuse University, told the Herald. “The smartest thing Scott Brown can do is, he has to present himself as a pleasant moderate who really stands for good policies and is independent of the Republican leadership of the Senate.”  [Herald]

This Might Be The Most Terrible Crime Story, Ever. A man in Connecticut shot an allegedly armed, masked robber who was attempting to break in to his neighbor’s house. The robber turned out to be his 15-year-old son.  [AP]

Barney Frank’s Mitt Gets Worse Video. Retiring U.S. Rep. Barney Frank takes Mitt Romney to task on LGBT rights.  [YouTube]

BU Hockey Coach Jack Parker: No More Pressure This Season. In light of the team’s scandal, Parker, 67, said that he doesn’t perceive additional pressure to win (or stay out of trouble) than any other season—just to do a better job. “The only pressure in my job is to win the next hockey game. And to make sure we present ourselves properly both on the ice and off the ice, in the classroom and around the campus. I’ve had that pressure since I took over the job,” he said at the Hockey East media day. “The other coaches in the league put more pressure on me than anybody else because there are so many good coaches and so many good teams. But in general, I don’t think there is any more pressure on me this year to win, or there is more pressure on me to make sure we’re not in the newspaper anymore for things other than hockey. That’s part of the job every year, and hopefully we’ll do a real good job of that this year.”  [ESPN]

One Year After Irene, Vermont Hopes for More Leaf Peepers. No one really remembers how the fall colors looked last year after Irene brought flooding and damage to Vermont, but they hope this year will bring more tourists and vivid colors to check out.  [Globe]