American Airlines Is Falling Apart. Literally.

American Airlines Is Falling Apart. Literally. Shortly after takeoff on Saturday morning, an entire row of seats became unbolted on an American Airlines flight from Boston to Miami. The passengers in that row moved to other, more secure seats, and the flight made a detour to John F. Kennedy International Airport.  [WCVB]

Mobile Payment Wars: Square vs. Groupon vs. LevelUp vs. PayPal Here vs. Google Wallet. Merchants and shoppers don’t seem to have a consensus on what mobile payment option is better than paper and/or plastic, but of course, each company in the space thinks its product is the best. Groupon, for example, is quick to talk smack LevelUp, founded by Seth Priebatsch. “LevelUp is a QR code-based system, which means it’s a lot more complicated for the customer,” Sean Harper, Groupon’s director of product management for payments, told the Herald. “Right now, what merchants like the best is the credit card payment. So that’s what we’re sticking with.”  [Herald]

Revere Mayor Wants New England Revolution at Wonderland Greyhound Park. Dan Rizzo wants to bring the Revolution to the track near Revere Beach as part of his casino negotiations with nearby Suffolk Downs.  [Globe]

UMass President Embarks on 500-Mile Bus Tour. While it’s maybe a little more fitting for politicians, tourists, or rock stars, Robert L. Caret started his second bus tour of Massachusetts today.  []

Elizabeth Warren Barely Leads Scott Brown in a WBUR Poll. A new WBUR poll of 504 likely voters found 46 percent planning to vote for Elizabeth Warren and 44 percent planning to vote for Brown. The difference is within the poll’s 4.4 percent margin of error, so it still looks to be a close race—closer, even than the last time WBUR polled and found Warren ahead by five points.  [WBUR] —Eric Randall