Lip-Reading Tom Brady's Salty Sideline Language

Have a look at the animated .GIF captured by Deadspin after the Patriots tied up Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills, and you might be tempted to conclude that the Pats wanted a win so intensely that when the refs ruled Quarterback Tom Brady’s run into the endzone a touchdown, Brady was driven to say something a bit, um, salty.

“Pick your pitches,” Brady said, somewhat non-sensically.

But, inspired by the folks at Reddit, we’d like to help Brady out by suggesting five more wholesome things he might have been saying.

1. “Duck soup, it is.”

2. “That dupe itches”

3. “The cupid chins.'”

4. “Vacuumed britches.”

5.  “Ugh, you pinches.”

See? Nothing to talk about here.