The Patriots' Brandon Lloyd Is Internet Superstar of the Week

Keith Nordstrom/The New England Patriots

As Patriots wide receiver Brandon Lloyd dove for the football and landed in the endzone during Sunday’s game, a photographer captured him looking like he was auditioning for an Orbit Gum commercial. The photo of that moment, taken by the Attleboro Sun Chronicle‘s Keith Nordstrom, was simply too good for the internet to leave it alone. And so, fueled by a post on the Patriots’ own Facebook page and the folks on, Lloyd has been renamed “Ridiculously Photogenic Football Player” and turned into a meme. Around the web, people are appending captions to the photo that make light of Lloyd’s breezy smile.

The meme follows last year’s wildly viral “Ridiculously Photogenic Runner Guy,” a dude who was captured by a stranger’s camera while running a marathon and looking weirdly put together:

Runner Guy’s face became fodder for similar meme treatment, with captions that mostly commented on his easy beauty. Maybe Ridiculously Photogenic Running Guy and Lloyd can get together and have some sort of athletic smile-off. The results would melt hearts the world over.