Apple CEO is 'Extremely Sorry' that Boston Looks Like it's Melting

If you need proof that there are some problems with Apple’s newest Maps applications, come on a little Apple-led tour of our fair city with us.

As you’ve probably heard, within days of last month’s iPhone 5 release, users began to notice problems with the new Apple Maps application, which replaces Google Maps on the phone’s new iOS 6 software: distorted images, wrong directions, and some towns missing completely. The problems are bad enough that Apple CEO Tim Cook issued an apology.

For those of you who have so far avoided using the Maps app, we’ve compiled some examples of our favorite Boston-area mistakes, assembled through our own forays into the Maps app, and with the help of the good people at “The Amazing iOS 6 Maps” tumblr.

1. Bourne Bridge: If you’re trying to get to Cape Cod this weekend, your biggest problem may not be the traffic.

2. Bunker Hill Monument: How can such a tall  monument look so flat yet have such a bold shadow?


3. Boats at the New England Aquarium: You may want to think twice about taking a harbor cruise on one of these boats.


4. Fenway Park is looking a little…. White? Turns out this image was captured when Fenway was set up for a concert by Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters back in July.


5. Boston City Hall is looking a little Inception-y. Maybe this is an improvement?


6. And then there are these images of downtown Boston that look the roads are melting:

7. The App thinks the TD Garden is an actual … garden. Or maybe Apple just wants more outdoor concerts?


8. There are even some directional mistakes, such as this Cambridge hospital: The Holy Ghost hospital actual changed its name to 1970 and then again in 2009 to Spaulding Hospital. Let’s hope not too many ambulance drivers are relying on their iPhone for directions.

Here is a shot of the same area on Google Maps:


9. The Microsoft New England Research & Development Center probably isn’t too happy about its location being represented by a gas station symbol.


10.Powderhouse. Powderhouse powderhouse. We’re not really sure what to make of this shot of Cambridge.