Curt Schilling May Have to Sell the Bloody Sock

Curt Schilling May Have to Sell the Bloody Sock. It was among the items listed as collateral that he recently pledged to lenders. Some experts estimate that it could fetch as much as $25,000.  [Globe]

Mark Zuckerberg on the Next Billion Facebook Users. Mark Zuckerberg gives more details on hitting 1 billion monthly active users to Brad Stone and Ashlee Vance than in his blog post. On what the company did to commemorate the moment: “… everyone came together and counted down. Then we all went back to work. We have this ethos where we want to be a culture of builders, right?” On getting to 2 billion, which could mean entering China: “I hope at some point we’ll be able to do that, but that’s a long-term thing. We need to show we can do it in a way that’s going to make everyone happy, including ourselves.” Read the full Q+A for more.  [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Alleged Coke Dealer and Career Criminal Now a Fugitive. Marcus Pixley didn’t show up for a court date on Wednesday. His bail had been reduced from $5,000 to $1,000 after suspected evidence mishandling by Annie Dookhan in the state drug lab. []

Word Nerd Read: Can Boston Claim ‘Canoodling’? An interesting delve into whether the origins of the word are along the banks of the Charles (or not).  [WBUR]

The Tree Burl Heist Just Got Weirder. On Wednesday, police arrested two men for allegedly sawing off and stealing burls from trees in public parks. The pair was caught after a witness saw two men walking through Victory Gardens carrying chainsaws—a dead giveaway, right? But here’s where it gets weird: The men allegedly had a stash of burls and drugs back in their Fenway apartment, and sources believe their plan was to sell them to wood-workers for drug money. Police are looking for a third suspect. On a sad note, the cut-up trees could die as a result.  [CBS]