The Price is Right's First Male Model Comes (On Down) from Boston

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Bob Barker Drew Carey, eat your heart out. A Boston resident Rob Wilson won a competition to become the Price is Right’s first-ever male model. He even sings and dances: He bested the competition by singing original lyrics to the show’s theme song, and showing his enthusiasm when he was asked to “Come on down!” He beat out two other shirtless finalists named Clint and Nick for the coveted opportunity to stand next to fancy cars and pretend like he’s snorkeling in Hawaii.

Although he currently resides in Los Angeles, Rob calls his hometown the ‘City of Champions’ and calls himself an ‘East Coast guy” in his bio video. And he is a big fan of the show: he says he “grew up watching [the show] with my family and loved it so much I’d even fake sick to stay home from school to watch!” In an interview with, he said the game he is most looking forward to doing is Plinko. He is sure to make those stay-at-home moms happy, judging from the fact that he is inexplicably shirtless in all of the promotional photos. No word yet on what Drew Carey thinks.

The video on the competition site shows him hilariously showcasing a blender, wearing a sign with Bob Barker’s face, operating a bath tub, and snowboarding in place. Boston residents, do you think he represents us well? He may be competing for Boston hometown love from another ‘Boston Rob.’

Check out his bio and video here.