Jack Welch Quits a Couple Writing Jobs

Boston’s own Jack Welch and his wife Suzy Welch will no longer write a weekly column for Reuters and Fortune, both outlets are confirming, and while you might be tempted to see this as a reaction to those news outlets’ skeptical treatment of Welch’s jobs number conspiracy theory, the couple is denying any correlation.

Welch, you might remember, captured a news cycle last Friday when he greeted a surprising dip in the unemployment rate with a Twitter-based accusation that the Obama administration had asked the non-political appointees at the BLS to cook the books:

Contributers to both Reuters and Fortune joined the chorus of media types who said the claim had little basis in reality. A few days later, here they are, Welchless.

Suzy Welch tells New York magazine, “We loved our experience at Reuters, it just wasn’t getting a lot of traction.” The Welches certainly got a new perspective on what “traction” means after Welch’s more sensational claim dominated an entire day’s news cycle that could have been spent on sober analysis of the actual jobs numbers.

So where’s a Welch to give his opinions in the absence of a syndicated column? Luckily, there’s a new website up and running to carry on the theory that the BLS is working for Obama called Unskewed Media, brought to you by the guy who was “unskewing” our polls right up to the moment they started showing a Romney lead. We bet they’re hiring.