A UMass Poll Puts Warren Up By Two Points

A UMass Amherst/YouGov poll released Tuesday found Elizabeth Warren narrowly besting Scott Brown with 48 percent of likely voters versus Brown’s 46 percent. It comes on the heels of a WBUR poll that found Brown up by four points, and while that poll suggested that Brown is benefiting from Mitt Romney’s solid debate performance, this one indicates that the Senate race remains fairly separate from the presidential race in voters’ minds.

We should add the caveat that UMass/YouGov puts out an internet based poll, a method controversial enough that some sites like Talking Points Memo don’t include it in their aggregate polling numbers. Even so, we point it out mostly to reiterate the argument we made this morning that it’s important during particularly volatile points in a political campaign to sit back and refrain from investing too much faith in any one poll. The slightly different findings in these two surveys provide a nice reminder. [WGGB]