A List of The Things Found in Yongda Huang Harris' Baggage

Here’s a List of The Things in Yongda Huang Harris’ Baggage. Harris, reportedly of Dorchester, was arrested in Los Angeles after authorities noticed he was wearing a bulletproof vest and flameproof leggings while through going through security at LAX, and that does look kind of suspicious. In his carry-on and/or checked baggage, they found a smoke grenade, a hatchet, knives, three leather-coated lead-filled billy clubs, a gas mask, a Tyvek biohazard suit, leg irons, handcuffs, body bags, a collapsible baton, various masks, duct tape, batteries, oven mitts, cooking tongs, plastic cuffs, and some sort of device to repel dogs.  [Herald]

When Felix Baumgartner Jumps, He’ll Wear a Four-Layer Suit from Worcester-Based David Clark Co. It’s not just any suit, but then again, this isn’t just any jump: Baumgartner will attempt to jump to the Earth’s surface from 120,000 feet, potentially later this week depending on the conditions.  [Boston.com]

Jack Welch, Please Exit Stage Left. Welch decided to expand on his 140-character limit … again … with a Wall Street Journal piece in which he tries to make himself sound less like a conspiracy theorist (while comparing present-day America to Soviet Russia and Communist China) and look more like a Twitter genius:

Now, I realize my tweets about this matter have been somewhat incendiary. In my first tweet, sent the night before the unemployment figure was released, I wrote: “Tomorrow unemployment numbers for Sept. with all the assumptions Labor Department can make..wonder about participation assumption??” The response was a big yawn.

My next tweet, on Oct. 5, the one that got the attention of the Obama campaign and its supporters, read: “Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change numbers.”

As I said that same evening in an interview on CNN, if I could write that tweet again, I would have added a few question marks at the end, as with my earlier tweet, to make it clear I was raising a question.  [WSJ]

Middleborough Has to Repeal Its Swearing Ban. Attorney General Martha Coakley decided the bylaw violates free speech.  [Boston Business Journal]

Annie Dookhan Refuses to Testify in Drug Case. Shawn Drumgold is facing two drug charges with evidence of suspected cocaine and heroine with Dookhan’s initials on the analysis form.  [AP]