State Police Did Not Find a Third Body in the Charles

State Police Did Not Find a Third Body in the Charles. Don’t you hate it when your email takes on a mind of its own and mistakenly “spits out” false alarms? That’s the explanation for what happened this morning, when the state police erroneously issued an alert that a third body was discovered in the Charles River. It didn’t take long for them to issue the following correction: “At this time the Massachusetts State Police has experienced an internal issue with its email system. An older email, possibly stored in the system for delivery, was sent out as a new advisory. There was no new body found in the Charles River. We apologize as this appeared as a new advisory.”   [Herald]

BU Is Offering $10,000 for Information on Armed Robberies. The reward comes after four robberies on and around campus in the past two weeks.  [Daily Free Press]

In Massachusetts, Two-Thirds of Schools Under-Prepared for Fires. CommonWealth Magazine reports that approximately 1,200 schools don’t have sprinklers or other fire suppression equipment, even though there were more than 200 fires on average in the state’s schools between 2000 and 2010.   [CommonWealth Magazine]

That Guy in Hanson Really Wants To Keep His Anti-Obama Billboards. Bobby Sullivan’s anti-Obama and anti-Warren signs were in violation of Hanson building code, so instead, he attached them to a 45-foot flatbed truck, which is totally fine since the signs aren’t permanent. “This is America,” Sullivan said. “We have freedom of speech that’s what this was really all about. People in town didn’t like what I was saying and they tried to stop me.”  [CBS]

Taylor Swift Didn’t Know She Wasn’t Invited to Kennedy Wedding. She tells Rolling Stone the wedding snafu was “the biggest misunderstanding.” Related misunderstanding: Calling Conor Kennedy a “grown man.”  [Herald]