Both Brown and Warren Set Some Fundraising PRs

Both Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren announced that they’d set personal fundraising records during the third quarter this year, but Warren raised several million more than Brown, bringing in $12.1 million to his $7.45 million. That’s a whole lot of money, but if you can believe it, the Washington Post notes that neither of those numbers sets a national record for Senate race fundraising.

Because Warren’s campaign didn’t announce how much cash they have on hand (Brown has $10.2 million, his campaign said today) it’s hard to tell how their current finances compare. But sadly for the television watchers among us, the news does make one thing certain, notes the Globe‘s Noah Bierman: “The prodigious sums of money have allowed both candidates to run continuous television advertisements that are expected to continue until Election Day on Nov. 6.” Good, because we just weren’t sure we’d heard enough from dueling asbestos victims up to this point. [The Globe]