Mayor Menino Wants $15 Million for State Drug Lab Fallout

Mayor Menino Wants $15 Million for State Drug Lab Fallout. On Monday, Menino asked the Patrick administration for $15 million to help with costs related to the anticipated release of about 600 inmates who are expected to return to the community early due to former chemist Annie Dookhan, whose faulty lab procedures could impact 34,000 criminal cases. Menino wrote that the state has “a duty” to financially support the fallout in Boston, according to the Globe.  []

Who Had the Highlight of the Bielat-Kennedy Debate? Switzler. “If your name were Joseph Patrick, Mr. Kennedy, and not Joseph Patrick Kennedy, based on your life experiences, would not your campaign be a joke, ” Roy Switzler asked during the fourth and final Bielat-Kennedy debate on Monday night at Wellesley College. Kennedy responded: “Sir, I am very proud of my record of public service,” and highlighted his age compared to Bielat’s (they’re both in their 30s), as well as his experience as a prosecutor and worker in the Peace Corps. [WBUR]

The Revere Hotel Gets Liberty Hotel-ed. The Revere Hotel goes before the Licensing Board next week for giving guests a “free” glass of sparkling wine, a similar case to the non-violation against the Liberty Hotel back in September.  [Universal Hub]

Tom Brady: ‘I Know 3-3 Sucks.’ Brady told WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan on Tuesday morning that he’s not okay with just breaking even so far this season. “We’re not throwing in the towel. I know 3-3 sucks. We all feel frustrated and disappointed with where we’re at, but we’ve got our entire season ahead of us. There’s no better team to start here against than the Jets at 3-3. Everyone’s tied in the division. We’ve got to start performing better. That’s what we hope to do.”  [Herald]

Former CRA Executive Director Gave Himself Raise, Bonus Before Retiring. Joseph Tulimieri gave himself an 8 percent salary increase and a $400,000 retirement bonus.  [Wicked Local Cambridge]