Photos of the Damage from Tuesday's Earthquake

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Perhaps you felt the ground shaking for 10 seconds when a 4.0 magnitude earthquake in southern Maine made its way to the Boston area Tuesday night. If you are originally from here, this will likely remain a formative moment in your mind, a near-death experience about which you are hoping to write a memoir and later sell movie rights to Spielberg. If you are originally from the west coast, you likely felt a little shake, looked around and thought, “Huh, I guess I ate too much Thai food for lunch.” But put away your smugness, cruel Californian! For we bring tell of some real, tangible damage from last night’s quake. Yes, even as we begin to rebuild, New Englanders are taking stock of the damage surrounding them. Here are a few examples:

WCVB has a (stunningly unironic) slideshow depicting the damage around the region. Here’s one of the photos their daring photographer brings back from Maine, the center of the crisis:

Elsewhere, others took to Twitter, presumably to cry for help. Here’s ESPN’s Jay Bilas bringing a message from his colleague:

The tragic damage at Bill Raftery’s house from tonight’s earthquake in the Northeast.…

— Jay Bilas (@JayBilas) October 17, 2012


Someone help this poor woman!

Damage at my house after the earth quake…

— Liliya Warner (@LiliyaWarner) October 16, 2012


And this one!

damage at my house done from the earthquake…

— shae? (@zaynkardashian) October 16, 2012


And this man!

Earthquake damage, smh

— Joe Johnson (@Choolax) October 16, 2012


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