But Did My Sea Bass Have a Good Life?

Supermarket chain Roche Bros. now allows customers to scan seafood labels with their phone to see a photo of the fishing boat, the fishing location location, and a description of the gear used to catch the meal, The Globe reports.

“At Roche Bros. we have always been committed to offering responsibly harvested seafood,” Seafood Director Arthur Ackles tells the paper in a statement. “We are now taking steps to better communicate that commitment to our customers, beginning with an unparalleled level of traceability from the store all the way back to the boat.”

There’s a scene in the television show Portlandia in which the two protagonists visit a restaurant and pepper the waitress for details about the life of the chicken they are about to eat. (Eventually, the waitress directs them to the farm where the chicken was raised and they join a cult. It’s weird.) Anyway, we’re sure seafood enthusiasts with a hardcore commitment to freshness will love this new program. But it does feel a bit like life imitating fiction. Here’s that Portlandia sketch, for your entertainment: