The Game-by-Game Bill Belichick Hoodie Watch

The Game-by-Game Bill Belichick Hoodie Watch. So far, there’s no clear correlation between a wins/losses and whether Belichick goes for the windbreaker, hoodie, sweatshirt, or cut-off. WBZ rounds up a week-by-week photo line-up of his wardrobe decisions for those of us so inclined to read the tea leaves.  [WBZ]

Did the Herald Endorse or Propose to Mitt Romney? “Romney’s the one,” proclaims the headline on the Herald‘s endorsement.  [Herald]

Romney Allegedly Left Nasty Voicemails for a Gold Star Mother, But She Deleted Them. When Stephany Kern didn’t call back Romney after her son Marine Lance Corporal Nickolas Schiavoni was killed in Iraq in 2005, she says she received two more voicemails from the former governor pestering her for not returning the call. “I’m a busy man,” Kern’s husband, Steve Kern, recalls Romney saying in one of the messages.  [The Phoenix]

Differing Opinions on Whether Taylor Swift is a Grown-Up or if She Needs to Grow Up. John Carroll points out a couple of night-and-day opinions on Swift’s new album.  [It’s Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town]

The ‘What Is Wrong With People?’ Cemetery Vases Edition. Police arrested Jason Howard, of Taunton, for stealing approximately 200 brass vases from a Sharon cemetery and selling them as scrap metal at $200 a pop. Even worse is that something similar happened last October: A man was arrested for stealing military markers from graveyards and selling those as scrap. Wow, guys. Just wow.  [WBZ]