Local Blue Ivy Event Planner Wins Trademark Battle

Jay-Z and Beyonce’s infant superstar may be only nine months old, but she better not hope to do party planning in the future. The local company who shares the same name as the child, Blue Ivy, has successfully secured a trademark for the name, “under specific categories, focused on event planning, entertainment and party retail items,” reports BostInno.

The court ruled that founder Veronica Alexandra retains the trademark, as she’s been using it since launching her company in 2009. But that hasn’t stopped the media confusion over whether Alexandra was trying to wrestle away some of the glory from the hip hop super couple. So yesterday, Alexandra took to the company’s Facebook page, explaining that under trademark law, B & J lost the ability to own the entire gamut of Blue Ivy goods and services:

“B & J did NOT lose the trademark but instead they have lost the right to OWN the entire trademark to themselves IF they decide to continue with their trademark requests which are currently suspended…We are excited to have earnerd [sic] what we rightfully deserve and we are looking forward to evolving as a brand which is what our Trademark is all about: it’s our license to be who we want to be, to partner with who we want to partner and to sell what we want to sell!”

Of course, one of the things that Alexandra may be willing to sell is the company itself. In an interview with The Telegraph, she said, “If Beyoncé and Jay-Z want to buy me out I’d welcome that.”

It’s okay little Blue Ivy, maybe you can be a party planner someday.