Bad Idea to Get Caught with Pot When Your Name Is 'Stoner'

Cambridge police arrested a guy named Thomas Stoner for alleged possession of marijuana with intent to distribute Monday, which is itself a pretty boring news story except that, ha, his name is “Stoner.” Already’s tweet highlighting the irony has received a lot more retweets than we imagine it would have if it were just your typical marijuana possession arrest.

Stoner has already garnered headlines in BostInno and Universal Hub, too. (And now he’s got one here, too, we suppose.) This is in part a response to the Cambridge Police, whose Facebook post announcing the arrest seemed pretty pleased with the joke. They wrote, “Stoner Arrested for…Wait for it…Pot Possession.”

The guy can’t be too excited at all this press attention on top of a legal charge, especially press attention that comes from a joke we imagine he’s heard countless times before now. So people, if your last name is Toker, Munchie, Bong, or, we don’t know, Puff the Magic Dragon or something, let Stoner’s experience here be a warning to you. You face public scrutiny far in excess to the inherent news value of your crime should you engage in some illegal drug activity. Yeah, yeah, life isn’t fair. But being as your last name is Munchie, we guess you knew that already.